Thursday, October 14, 2010

ways to fix it

1. fold clothes and put in stacks according to utility and/or color.
2. empty ashtray, makeshift ashtray(s), gouache water, stale beer dregs, bad drawings bin.
3. eat pasta to afford nicer paper.
4. write a list.
5. keep deadlines plastic.
6. sleep less.
7. lament for five minutes.
8. accept it.
9. proceed.
10. invest yourself in others as a selfish diversion from your own problems to become more generous.
11. relate their problems to your problems as a means to connect through being selfish.
12. feel better being generous and selfish all at once.
13. walk really far away so you have to walk back with perspective.
14. drink a lot of water.
15. think about it, just don't think about thinking about it.
16. if you want it, simply ask for it.
17. argue for it.
18. or work for it.
19. or steal it.
20. just don't just think about it.

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