Friday, January 27, 2012

mind you, this painting is entitled, "the beach" by philip le bas

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

i can't tell if i even like this

i feel a fever coming on just in time for xmas.
i saw this ad in my office building's elevator that advised against pairing an inexpensive gift with an expensive one, as the cheap gift will diminsh the value of the expensive one in the recipient's eyes.
kind of dreading xmas.

this minimal wave's creeping me out right now.

looking at gordon matta-clark and dana shutz lately.
wanting to make my drawings look like they're backlit and glowing. it's hard.
i walked around tribeca on my lunch break and had all these ideas for drawings so i went back to the office break room to write them down and helped bobby microwave his banquet chicken pot pie so he could eat lunch in his, "secret honeycomb."

actually, this album is really weird and all over the place. it should be categorized as drunk wave instead of min-wave.

i need to stop sleeping in a small cat pile in the corner of my bed.
ankle sprain has freed up more time to make drawings, and now i'm healed just as the drawing sprain is setting in.
it must be similar to the sprain of chronic masturbation or knitting.

i'm going to either throw up or pass out now.
considering quitting drinking along with my smoking quit.

Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween lessons

I learn the best halloween lessons when imbibed.

a) absolutely not leaving my house tonight. There are too many children roaming the streets on a school night with straight up sugar lust in their eyes.
b) chinese restaurants have the laziest treats. fortune cookies.
c) the best way to deal with monday drudge is as follows: relieve sunday night terrors and anxiety of embarking on another five-day work cycle by drinking so heavily, monday morning you clock in drunk and clock out just as the hangover sets in.
d) trying to find good asian pop music in real life=difficult and expensive. trying to find asian pop music on the internet=easy and free.
e) it should always rain/snow on record fair days because the unwashed record collecting masses that haven't left their houses in weeks will have been rinsed of their grime. a convention center full of those people can smell like compost.
f) it is always a good idea to ride the bumpercars.
g) i really hope i'm wrong, but it seems the more western influence a country receives is definitely proportionate to how good their their music is. :( but maybe that is just from my western perspective : (((( and i just need to explore more : )

my gold streak youtube music journey. what can i say, sometimes you get lucky:

really wish i had more than two songs from this band.

best record fair find.