Tuesday, August 9, 2011

youth and old age

scenery of the past month
- in queens, on my way from ps1 walking to the pulaski bridge, an old man nearly caned me, swinging at a mcdonalds medium size paper cup on the sidewalk.
- double-middle-finger dance by a seven year old on the rockaway beach boardwalk; his mother walking just far enough ahead with her head hung.
- toddler in stroller on the uptown c pounding his wristwatch screaming stop it stop it stop it.
- children in red hook throwing shoes at one another, performing a harmony korine script.
- a retarded man walks down eighth ave intentionally bumping in to chelsea breasts and no one quite knows how to address the situation.
- an old man walking past me eating lunch on a chelsea bench says, "don't think so much."

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