Wednesday, August 24, 2011

lessons from youtube

russian people really bad at rapping, really good at dancing.

did your church have organs like this? you weren't forced to go to church as a child? oh. if this were a stereotypical hiphop video, all that expensve gear would have boobs (augmented, naturally), chains, and a bitching motorcade. either way both make you bothered. maybe kind of hot?

errr sometimes it's better off if you just close your eyes. is the case with drunk sex and misforunate youtube visuals. yeeesh.

this one's better anyway.

when you share a drunken cab ride home with a boy going from bed stuy to the upper east side PLUS the remainder of your trip home, it really makes a girl reasess her standing in the world. you wake up with a hangover, no renewed sense of financial maturity, and a shit ton of drunk downloaded library music. uh yay?

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