Wednesday, November 10, 2010

current events + mundanities

- I have secret names for most of my drawings, even ones i haven't drawn yet. they're usually movie references or names of minor stock characters from books or cartoons. lately the names have been slang i hear on the m train that i'm not hood enough to understand.

- going to art school is like putting yourself through marriage counseling when you don't have marital issues, you're not married, and you're too young to know what marriage even means.

- i use my computer desktop like a filing cabinet with no drawers, and no organization. it's just piles of crap i like. i like treating it like one of those big lottery ball baskets, never knowing what or where anything is.

- i don't really analyze what i like or what i'm doing anymore. i know it's a geriatric trait to just say fuck it this is what i am doing, but that's what i've been doing. actually, i don't really have the mental capacity or luxury to think too hard about things lately.

- i watched painters painting and read some articles my favorite art history professor recently published and felt instantly bummed. i am now watching a lot of old cartoons and feel less bummed. it's a more preferable feeling of engaging in something simultaneously alienating but interesting. that and they're funnier.

- i found this painting and it reminded me of how my brain is lined in cotton candy and also how cute mitsue is so i sent it to her. i forget who made it, but i bet they're asian.

- whenever the house music comes on upstairs, the internet goes away. i feel like these two occurrences are linked.

- when i draw representationally, i usually draw breakfast or cats. tonight i'm drawing french fries, which i just recently had for breakfast in a long island city diner. so yeah, breakfast and cats. I could be the next Louis Wain, but his cats were more autonomous than the cats i draw. my cats are understated and defeated in their cuteness. his were bourgeois gentlemen and ladies, before he went insane. He also had total cat commitment and was president of the national cat club. this is a photo of him with his muse, peter, and later work during his institutionalized days:

"Which do I love the most?"

"Early Indian Irish"

- i've been taking paintings i like that i find online, and editing them in seashore. seashore is the most basic image editing program for macs. it's mostly for people who don't know what curves are, have too poor an internet connection to download pirated photoshop, and are too dumb or impatient to download pirated photoshop. it's fun and it helps me think about my process of decision making with drawing. it also reminds me of my ms paint days of blobby pixellated paint tools. i only give myself ten minutes to work on them so i don't get all risd with it.

obviously before:

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