Friday, November 19, 2010


I don't really sleep very much anymore, not that I ever have, but now I'm on bennett hours (if you know them, you will know). It's kind of disorienting because I just end up experiencing a full range of emotions I'm not usually conscious for. I also become less and less articulate in describing them, and my coping mechanisms develop a poor sense of humor. I also tend to watch horrifying youtube videos like the Paula Abdul reality tv show, chain smoke, and think about that time I was raped (just kidding!).

Then I do some math to stay sharp:
I tally up how many times I have to talk about what kind of asian I am and it averages (2) a day.
Then I tally up the amount of times someone tells me I look seventeen; averages (1).
Then I count all the niche Korean products strangers expect me to know because they once had a Korean girlfriend (1; this is not a common occurrence, but it happened today and I thought it was funny. I got to drive a vintage benz out of the conversation so whatever.)

This totals the number of beers I drink: 4
Which I multiply by (3) for each segment of the day (morning, afternoon, evening)
which equals the amount of cigarettes I smoke to celebrate the day.

The piles of internet debris I stack on my desktop are really getting out of hand.
Someone should clean that up.

This is Topher's desk illustrating that time I almost set our studio on fire. No cats or pillows were scathed, but the fire department broke all our windows and made a slip n' slide. So glad I quit before this happened.

ellsworth kelly's beautiful stem.

mr. blunk

andrew i'm a fucking show off wyeth.

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