Thursday, September 23, 2010


I've never blogged before.
I've only written in online journals; that's just how new school-old school i am.

all lower-case, e.e. cummings style.
that was the late nineties and here i am on the cusp of twenty-five, doing much the same in the form of blog, which sounds like an involuntary bodily function more than an exchange of ideas.

in autumn i get more wizened and melodramatic about a lot of my life complications.
it's ok because i can furrow my brow and listen to nu-jazz and giggle as i drink this forty.
and also because i can be knocked unconscious by both a resplendent tree death color display and this $2 forty.
the balance of the sublime and the crass is what it's all about.

btw listen to crass.

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