Monday, May 9, 2011

hooray i love you

seriously, I need a reason to love new york lately. I point to the following causes:

1. random shit-affirming encounters whenever I leave my house that make me sad to be a female, a sighted person, a person at this point in history. give me the cave, and the bonnet. fuck, make it a burka.
2. sakura = not so sublime
3. chelsea work commute and the cold, withholding love of the c train, the most underachieving of the blue trains
4. corporate doldrums; endless salutations, weather speculations, the compacted smells of homemade microwave lunches in the lobby, and office protocol

a-boo a-hoo.
thanks for listening.

as reward, here's terry riley milking a goat, and then drinking the milk from that very goat.

disclaimer: i don't think the other composers in this series milk goats.

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