Tuesday, February 22, 2011

unemployment diet

things to eat when you have $30 for the week.

(1) charm/pity coffee from mr. kiwis
(1) serving pasta with/without kale (dependent on sleeping couch roommate)
rice wine vinegar or sesame oil or gojujang or fuck it, use them all

(1) portugese roll with with lots of roland extra strong dijon mustard
(1) ch'mingle and
(3) handfuls of spinach stuffed inside.

(1) potato mashed
(2) carrots mashed
(1) handful frozen peas
some chicken stock, rice wine vinegar, and sesame oil
(1) over easy egg on top.

lazy trash soup:
(1) container of kitchen basics (blegh i know) chicken stock
(2) potatoes
(3) carrots
(1) parsnip
(1) bunch of kale
(1/2) shallot
(2) green onions

(2) eggs
(1) green onion
extra strong mustard!

one-two meals a day; just fill in the gaps with cigarettes and beer.
resist the urge to buy rice and beans that sometimes taste like trash from the mexican deli across the street. you know it doesn't love you.

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